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Contribution of the academic community to the protection of human rights in BiH


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Bosnia and Herzegovina

212.000,00 €

University of Business Engineering and Management - PIM University

European Commision

January 2021 – December 2022

Ciljevi i rezultati projekta

A1- Mapped documents that violate citizens' rights under international conventions and reporting on cases of human rights violations.
A2 – Established mechanism for institutional cooperation facilitating dialogue processes and mediation activities created through independent network of professors, students and civil society activists and institutions.
A3 - Attitudes and awareness of role and importance of human rights in accession process of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union.


The project focuses on institutional violations of citizens’ rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of freedom of opinion and information, freedom of peaceful assembly and association and freedom to free movement. Project intervention dealing with the addressing of shrinking civic, democratic and civil society space in human rights protection. Within this intervention through scientific approach and on comprehensive way, institutional violation of human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be mapped through networking capacities of academic institutions, civil society organizations, and investigative journalists.
The network established within this intervention will carried out negotiation process with institutions regarding institutional violation of three selected human rights. This intervention should provide involving the academic community in social flows and addressing responsibilities related to the inactivity of the academic community in social life in the country. This aim will be achieved through the establishing mechanism for institutional cooperation, facilitating dialogue processes and mediation activities created through independent network of academics, students, civil society activists, investigative journalist and institutions. In the second phase of the project activities are focused on developing policy dialogue between institutions and other stakeholders with the aim of improvement of policies and practices related to protection of human rights, with special focus on practice of action of security institutions.

One of the core activity of the project, which will be implemented during entire period of project duration is monitoring of institutional violations of human rights in three selected areas, and addressing cases through two reports with recommendations to ministries at all level and Institution of ombudsman for human rights
In last phase of the intervention activities will be focused on interaction with the public through campaign and conference. The aim of this part of the intervention will be to involve academic workers in public space and get their opinion on social events and phenomena related to human rights violations in three selected areas of human freedoms.

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Human rights and Democracy 


Association for Democratic Initiatives, Sarajevo (ADI)