Exam questions

[1] The subject of civil law?

[2] The method of civil law?

[3] The division into private and public law in our legal system?

[4] The relationship between civil and commercial law?

[5] French Civil Code?

[6] Austrian Civil Code?

[7] General Property Code for the Principality of Montenegro?

[8] Civil Code for the Kingdom of Serbia?

[9] German Civil Code?

[10] Swiss Civil Code?

[11] Anglo-Saxon civil law?

[12] Law as a source of civil law?

[13] Judicial practice and legal science as a source of civil law?

[14] Common law, commercial customs and usages as a source of civil law?

[15] Types of civil law norms?

[16] Temporal, spatial and personal validity of civil law norms?

[17] The analogy?

[18] Legal capacity of natural persons?

[19] Business capacity?

[20] Declaring a missing person dead?

[21] Juvenile delinquency?

[22] The delinquent capacity of adults?

[23] Objective responsibility?

[24] Attributes of a natural person?

[25] Bodies of a legal entity?

[26] Legal entities of public and private law?

[27] Association and institutions?

[28] The origin of legal entities?

[29] The termination of legal entities?

[30] Legal capacity of legal entities?

[31] Business ability of legal entities?

[32] Tort legal capacity of legal entities?

[33] Attributes of a legal entity?

[34] The concept and content of subjective law?

[35] Legal power?

[36] Legal status?

[37] Legal position or status?

[38] Absolute and relative rights?

[39] Personal rights?

[40] Copyright?

[41] Industrial property rights?

[42] Inventive right-patent right?

[43] Prohibition of abuse of rights?

[44] Deadlines?

[45] Obsolescence?

[46] Obsolescence of occasional claims?

[47] Obsolescence of claims for damages?

[48] ​​One-year statute of limitations?

[49] Obsolescence of claims established by a court decision?

[50] Limitation periods for insurance contracts?

[51] Obsolescence delay?

[52] Interruption of limitation?

[53] Extrajudicial protection – self-protection?

[54] Judicial protection of civil rights?

[55] Rebuttal of the debtor’s legal actions (actio Pauliana)?
[56] Right of retention (ius retentionis)?

[57] Legal facts?

[58] Basics and manner of acquiring rights?

[59] Termination and change of rights?

[60] Elements of legal business?

[61] Acts of will, announcements and real acts?

[62] Legal action?

[63] Declaration of will?

[64] Cause?

[65] Unilateral, bilateral, and multilateral legal affairs?

[66] Encumbered and charity legal affairs?

[67] Causal and abstract legal affairs?

[68] Formal and informal legal affairs?

[69] Legal affairs among the living and legal affairs in the event of death?

[70] Fiduciary legal affairs?

[71] Non-existent legal affairs?

[72] Null legal affairs?

[73] Voidable legal affairs?

[74] Rebuttal of legal transactions?

[75] Condition as a modality of legal business?

[76] Deadline as a modality of legal work?

[77] Order as a modality of legal business?

[78] Contractual representation- power of attorney?

[79] Legal representation?

[80] Judicial representation?

[81] Statutory representation?

[82] Civil tort?

[83] Damage?

[84] Wrongdoer’s guilt?

[85] Responsibility for other?

[86] Liability for dangerous things and dangerous activities?

[87] The causal relation between the damage and the wrongdoer’s behavior?

[88] Compensation?

[89] The object of civil law?

[90] Things in traffic and things out of traffic?

[91] Immovable and movable things?

[92] Individually determined things and things determined by gender?

[93] Replaceable and irreplaceable things?

[94] Consumables and non-consumables?

[95] Divisible and indivisible things?

[96] Simple and complex things?

[97] Fruitage?

[98] Money?

[99] Securities?

[100] Identity papers and signs?

[101] Human actions?

[102] Personal goods?

[103] Products of the human spirit?

[104] Assets (concept, function and characteristics)?

[105] How is the right of ownership acquired?

[106] Differences between one’s property and state property?

[107] The difference between ownership, co-ownership and joint ownership?

[108] How does the dissolution of co-ownership occur?

[109] Rights in rem and their definitions?

[110] What are general and what are public goods?

[111] What is condominium ownership?

[112] Rights of foreigners, the possibility of buying real estate?

[113] The term of real estate?

[114] For which legal affairs is notarial processing prescribed?

[115] State the difference between notarial processing and notarial verification!

[116] What is usucaption / prescription (deadlines)?

[117] What do we consider by conscientiousness and what by legality?