Exam questions

[1] System and development of legal protection in the field of civil law relations?

[2] Forms of legal protection?

[3] Reason and right to provide legal protection?

[4] The concept and structure of civil court proceedings?

[5] Purpose and significance of civil court proceedings?

[6] The concept, subject and method of civil procedural law?

[7] Structure, norms and validity of civil procedural law?

[8] The place and relationship of civil procedural law in the legal system?

[9] Civil procedural law and form?

[10] Sources and science of civil procedural law?

[11] Litigation and litigation process?

[12] Scheme and deviations from the litigation scheme?

[13] The legal nature of litigation?

[14] Procedural relationship, subject of litigation?

[15] Subject of civil proceedings and types of human rights claims?

[16] Procedural requirements?

[17] Subjects of procedural law?

[18] Initiation, development and termination of proceedings?

[19] General litigation and special litigation?

[20] Civil court?

[21] Organization of courts?

[22] Litigation authorities?

[23] Exclusion and exemption?

[24] The value of the subject matter of the dispute?

[25] Jurisdiction-actual, territorial jurisdiction, attraction jurisdiction?

[26] Determination of territorial jurisdiction by a higher court?

[27] Agreement of the parties on territorial jurisdiction (prorogation of jurisdiction)?

[28] Functional and international jurisdiction?

[29] Legal aid?

[30] Litigants?

[31] Capacity to act as a party in judical proceedings?

[32] Litigation capacity?

[33] Postulation ability?

[34] Actual and procedural legitimacy?

[35] Rivalry?

[36] Succession in a procedural relationship?

[37] Involvement of the intervener?

[38] Notification of third party of litigation?

[39] Representation of the parties?

[40] Legal representatives?

[41] Representative of a legal entity?

[42] Proxies?

[43] The notion of procedural principles?

[44] The principle of disposition and the principle of formality?

[45] Discussion and investigation principle?

[46] The principle of mutual hearing of the parties?

[47] The principle of establishing the truth?

[48] ​​The principle of free evaluation of evidence?

[49] The principle of concentration of procedure and unity of the main hearing?

[50] The principle of conscientious use of procedural powers?

[51] The principle of non-abuse of procedural powers?

[52] The principle of process economics?

[53] The principle of judicial management of proceedings?

[54] The principle of immediacy?

[55] The principle of orality and literacy?

[56] The principle of publicity?

[57] The principle of the right to language?

[58] The principle of innocuous trial?

[59] The principle of teaching an ignorant party?

[60] The principle of a trial within a reasonable time?

[61] Litigation?

[62] Party litigation?

[63] Content, types and form of party litigation?

[64] Litigation?

[65] Litigation management?

[66] Evidence of litigation?

[67] Delivery?

[68] Place and time of litigation?

[69] Deadlines?

[70] Hearing?

[71] Missing litigation?

[72] Restoring?

[73] Temporary suspension of litigation?

[74] Interruption and stay of proceedings?

[75] Court costs and litigation costs?

[76] Exemption from advance payment of costs of proceedings?

[77] Securing litigation costs?

[78] The notion of a lawsuit?

[79] Form and content of the lawsuit?

[80] Types of lawsuits?

[81] Filing a lawsuit?

[82] Changes to the lawsuit?

[83] Withdrawal of the lawsuit?

[84] Waiver of Claim?

[85] Delivery of the lawsuit to the defendant?

[86] Keeping the defendant in litigation?

[87] Response to lawsuit?

[88] New claims for a verdict in litigation?

[89] Counterclaim?

[90] Request for determination during litigation?

[91] Objection for offsetting in civil proceedings?

[92] A peaceful solution to the dispute?

[93] Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods?

[94] Mediation?

[95] Court settlement?

[96] Recognition of the claim?

[97] The course of the preparatory proceedings?

[98] Preparatory hearing?

[99] The main debate?

[100] Conclusion of the main hearing?

[101] The notion of proof?

[102] Offering evidence?

[103] Subject of proof?

[104] The burden of proof?

[105] Presentation of evidence?

[106] Evaluation of evidence?

[107] Providing evidence?

[108] Evidence?

[109] Investigation?

[110] Documents?

[111] Witnesses?

[112] Experts?

[113] Hearing of the parties?

[114] Decision making and decisions?

[115] Judgment?

[116] Types of judgments?

[117] The solution?

[118] The effect of the judgment?

[119] Legality?

[120] The concept and types of remedies?

[121] Admissibility and merits of remedies?

[122] Statement and effects of the remedy?

[123] Appeal against the judgment?

[124] Decisions of the appellate court on appeal?

[125] Appeal against the decision?

[127] Proposal to restore?

[128] Appeal against the decision rejecting the motion for reinstatement?

[129] Revision against judgment?

[130] Revision against decision?

[131] Repetition of proceedings?

[132] A lawsuit for annulment of a court settlement?

[133] Special litigation?

[134] Labor litigation proceedings?

[135] Litigation for state interference?

[136] Procedure in small value disputes?

[137] Litigation in Commercial Disputes?

[138] Procedure for resolving family disputes?

[139] Matrimonial proceedings?

[140] Proceedings in maternity and paternity litigation?

[141] Proceedings in litigation for the exercise of parental rights?

[141] Alimony proceedings?

[142] Proceedings before arbitral tribunals?

[143] Defamation proceedings?

[144] Consumer litigation litigation?

[145] The concept and principles of out-of-court proceedings?

[146] Out-of-court proceedings and subjects of out-of-court proceedings?

[147] Decisions in non-litigious proceedings?

[148] Remedies in non-litigious proceedings?

[149] Status non-litigious proceedings?

[150] Family out-of-court proceedings?

[151] Registration procedures?

[152] Non-litigious property proceedings?

[153] Discussion of legacy?

[154] Out-of-court documents proceedings?

[155] Notarial proceedings?

[156] The notion of executive procedural law?

[157] Principles of enforcement procedure?

[158] Subjects of enforcement proceedings?

[159] Requirementss for execution?

[160] Initiation of enforcement proceedings?

[161] The course of enforcement proceedings?

[162] Temporary suspension of enforcement proceedings?

[163] Costs of enforcement proceedings?

[164] Delivery in enforcement proceedings?

[165] Decisions of the executive court?

[166] Objection as a regular remedy?

[167] Exclusion suit?

[168] An appeal as a regular remedy?

[169] Motion for reinstatement in enforcement proceedings?

[170] Counter-enforcement?

[171] Enforcement to collect a monetary claim?

[172] Execution on real estate?

[173] Enforcement on movable property?

[174] Enforcement on the money claim of the executor?

[175] Enforcement on wages and other permanent cash benefits?

[176] Execution of receivables from a bank account, shares, founding and other share in a legal entity ?

[177] Enforcement of a claim to surrender or deliver movables or to surrender immovable property?

[178] Enforcement for the purpose of realizing a non-monetary claim?

[179] Penalties?

[180] Enforcement for the purpose of handing over and delivering movables?

[181] Execution for the purpose of emptying and handing over immovable property?

[182] Execution for the purpose of realizing a claim for action, suffering or omission?

[183] ​​Execution for the purpose of returning an employee to work or service?

[184] Handing over a child?

[185] Security procedure?

[186] Judicial security measures, determination, types?