Exam questions

[1] Specify the information revolutions that have occurred during the development of society?

[2] What in the middle of the 15th century influenced the multiplication of information and the rapid development of knowledge?

[3] What is considered the first information revolution?

[4] What is the main feature of the Fourth Information Revolution?

[5] What is the first commercial product of the fourth information revolution?

[6] List several means of transmitting information or expressing emotions from the earliest

the period of human civilization to this day.

[7] What is “informatics” and how did this concept come about?

[8] How was the term “informatics” defined in 1966 by the French Academy of Sciences?

[10] What is the subject of the study of informatics?

[11] Does the field of computer science include only the study of computers?

[12] What are “signs” in informatics?

[13] What is a message or statement?

[14] What is the information?

[15] Design a hierarchical model of the computer system?

[16] What is the amount of information?

[17] Is every message or announcement also information?

[18] Which parts (compulsory) make information about a being, object, thing, or concept?

[19] What is the amount of information measured?

[20] Specify the amount of information?

[21] How many characters is the machine language?

[22] How are computer data presented?

[23] What types of data exist?

[24] Do the division of many systems?

[25] What is ASCII?

[26] How is the character type data transferred to your computer?

[27] Explain logical data type?

[28] What information does it serve?

[29] What is the difference between data and information?

[30] What is entropy?

[31] Explain the relationship and dependence between entropy and information.

[32] Is the data and information synonymous, or is it the same thing?

[33] When information as a data set with meaning becomes knowledge?

[34] What is necessary for something to be considered information?

[35] What is being processed in computer-data or information or bits or what else ..?

[36] What is knowledge? Give one of the many definitions of knowledge.

[37] What is the relation in semanticity (meaning) between data, information and knowledge.

[38] Whether knowledge, although it is an intangible resource, can be created, collected, stored,

transfer, display and use?

[39] What can knowledge be created and transmitted?

[40] How can knowledge be classified according to its formalities?

[41] List some types of knowledge how it is classified according to the structure of its collection,

storage and presentation.

[42] What types of knowledge have been used (shown) in computer programs?

[43] What is the difference between declarative and imperative knowledge?

[44] What are the general characteristics of the information as a resource?

[45] What are the specific characteristics of the information as a resource?

[46] What are the basic differences between information and knowledge as a resource?

[47] Identify the generations of modern computer systems?

[48] ​​What concepts are modern computers based on and when did it come?

[49] Can the information be used and reduced by distribution?

[50] What is called a measure of the degree of system decay due to the effects of energy, material, and

information flows?

[51] What is called a measure of non-organization of a system?

[52] What is the formula for calculating entropy as a measure of the uncertainty of outcomes of random


[53] How is information technology defined?

[54] How to define information technologies more closely?

[55] What do we mean by the term IT?

[56] What are communication technologies?

[57] What does information technology include?

[58] Does the school board on the classroom wall belong to IT and why?

[59] Does the projector for displaying multimedia presentations fall into ICT and why?

[60] List some examples of ICT application in business.

[61] What is System Software?

[62] What are the components of the information system?

[63] What types of networks exist?

[64] What are the services and Internet services?

[65] What is HTML?

[66] What is a Browser and specify some of them?