Project name:

Development of a Roadmap and Institutional Steps in Harmonizing Bosnia and Herzegovina’s  Security Regulations with European Union Legislation


Total Budget


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Time Frame

Bosnia and Herzegovina

6.980,00 €

University for Business Engineering and Management – The Law Faculty in Lukavica

Resource Centre for Civil Society and EU Integration in Bosnia and Herzegovina

January 2022 – September 2022

Project Goals and Outcomes

The general goal of the intervention is to establish an institutional and legislative framework for the improvement of the security sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina in accordance with the regulations of the European Union.

The specific goals of the intervention are:

- To contribute to the creation of a roadmap of institutions in the field of harmonization of security regulations in accordance with European Union standards;

- To establish  a dialogue between the academic community, civil society and institutions in order to improve security regulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through partnership, mechanisms of public consultations and debates;

- To inform and educate institutions and citizens about the acquis in the field of security protection through the presentation of the roadmap of Bosnia and Herzegovina for Chapter 24 on Justice, Freedom and Security.

In accordance with the defined general and specific goals of the intervention, the expected results of this project are:

1) A roadmap of institutions  created in terms of improving regulations in accordance with European Union legislation in the security sector;

2) An action plan created for the work of the academic community, civil society and institutions to improve regulations and transpose European Union norms into the legal framework of Bosnia and Herzegovina;

3) Improved dialogue between institutions, academic society and civil society organizations through joint work on improving regulations based on European Union regulations;
4) Promoted standards of the European Union on security and the role of citizens in monitoring institutional work in the security sector.


1) Development of a roadmap and institutional steps in harmonizing security regulations with European Union legislation;

2) Public consultations for the development of an action plan of academic institutions and civil society for the implementation of European Union regulations in the field of security;

3) Institutional campaign - the implementation of the action plan for organization of public debates;

4) Promotion of European Union security standards.

Thematic Area

Justice, freedom and security.