Exam questions

[1] List the characteristics of public finance relations?

[2] How can we define financial law?

[3] Basic Public Finance Areas?

[4] What are public revenues?

[5] Basic principles of public expenditure?

[6] Principle of savings in public expenditure?

[7] Basic features of the public need?

[8] The concept and types of public income?

[9] The legal basis for obtaining public revenue?

[10] Types of public income?

[11] The difference between source and derived public revenues?

[12] What are fiscal public revenues?

[13] How can we define the budget?

[14] Budget Functions?

[15] Legal aspect of the budget?

[16] Basic characteristics of the tax-legal relationship?

[17] How can we define the tax system?

[18] What are the objectives of establishing the tax system?

[19] Tax Definition and Basic Tax Features?

[20] List the elements that make up the structure of each form of tax?

[21] The difference between direct and indirect taxes?

[22] How is the fiscal sovereignty in Bosnia and Herzegovina regulated?

[23] Structure of the Tax System of the Republic of Srpska?

[24] Income tax in Republic of Srpska?

[25] Taxation of property in Republic of Srpska?

[26] Concept and types of fees?

[27] Concept and types of contributions?

[28] Concept and types of tax?

[29] Difference between taxes and customs?

[30] Taxation of profit in Republic of Srpska?

[31] Jurisdiction and powers of the Tax Administration of Republic of Srpska?

[32] The rights of taxpayers in Republic of Srpska?

[33] Authorities of tax inspectors?

[34] Types of tax control?

[35] Tax misdemeanors and competent organizations for determining misdemeanor liability?

[36] Tax offenses?

[37] Structure of the indirect tax system in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

[38] The Impact of European Integration on the Establishment of the Indirect Taxation System in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

[39] Basic characteristics of value added tax?

[40] Characteristics of value added tax in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

[41] The notion of excise as a special form of consumption tax?

[42] Excise products in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

[43] Characteristics of the customs system in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

[44] Authority of the Indirect Taxation Authority?

[45] Competence of the Board of Directors of the Indirect Taxation Authority?

[46] Distribution of revenues from indirect taxes in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

[47] Structure of the tax system in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

[48] ​​The structure of the tax system of the Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina?