Exam questions

[1] Private law relationships with foreign elements?

[2] Direct way of regulating private-legal relationships with an element of foreign?

[3] Indirect (collision) way of regulating private-legal relationships with an element of foreign?

[4] The subject of international private law?

[5] The structure of collision norms?

[6] Legal category?

[7] The point of attachment?

[8] The way to understand foreign law?

[9] Qualification of the legal category and qualification of the point of attachment?

[10] Returning and referring to further right (redirection) – (renvoi)?

[11] Public Order?

[12] Law enforcement – (Fraus Legis)?

[13] “Mobile conflict of laws”?

[14] Reciprocation and rejoinder in IPL?

[15] Reciprocation and rejoinder in determining the applicable law?

[16] Reciprocation and rejoinder in the area of ​​conflict of jurisdiction?

[17] Reciprocation and rejoinder regarding the rights of foreigners?

[18] Forms of reciprocation?

[19] Determining the applicable law for the legal and business capacity of natural persons?

[20] Determining the relevant legal and legal capacity of legal entities?

[21] Determining the applicable law (material conditions) for the conclusion of a marriage?

[22] Two basic concepts for determining the applicable hereditary right?

[23] Real estate rights?

[24] Real rights on movable things?

[25] Collision standards for contracts in the absence of autonomy of will (collision norms – fixed norms or management principles)?

[26] The question of “splitting” contracts?

[27] Collision standard for a sales contract?

[28] Determining the applicable law for civil lawsuits?

[29] Rules of the Hague Convention on the applicable law for road accidents?

[30] The notion and importance of international jurisdiction?

[31] Foreign and civilian ability of foreigners?

[32] The situation of aliens in civil proceedings in the presence of an element of foreign affairs?

[33] International legal aid?

[34] The notion of recognition and execution of foreign decisions?

[35] Systems of recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions?

[36] Conditions (interference) for the recognition of foreign decisions, under the IBL?

[37] Procedure for the recognition and execution of foreign court decisions, under the IBL?

[38] The notion and characteristics of international trade arbitration?

[39] Types of International Trade Arbitration?

[40] Competence of International Trade Arbitration?

[41] Recognition and execution of foreign arbitration decisions?