Exam questions

[1] Slovenian and the organization of their society?

[2] Post requirements of the first states?

[3] Slovenian country in Macedonia?

[4] Post and development of the first Serbian states?

[5] Legal sources in the medieval Serbian state?

[6] Dushan’s Code?

[7] The relation of Dushan’s Code to Byzantine law?

[8] Application and significance of the Dushan Code?

[9] Social arrangement in the medieval Serbian state?

[10] Organization of state power in the medieval Serbian state?

[11] Criminal Law in the Medieval Serbian State?

[12] Civil Law in the Medieval Serbian State?

[13] Marital Law in the Medieval Serbian State?

[14] Family Law in the Medieval Serbian State?

[15] Hereditary Law in the medieval Serbian state?

[16] Arranging courts in the medieval Serbian state?

[17] Judicial proceedings in the medieval Serbian state?

[18] Bosnian state in the Middle Ages?

[19] The social order of Bosnia in the Middle Ages?

[20] State government organizations in Bosnia of the Middle Ages?

[21] Law and the judiciary in the Bosnian state of the Middle Ages?

[22] Becoming a Turkish state and central state power?

[23] Society of the Ottoman Empire and features of the feudal system?

[24] Self-government of the Serbs in the Ottoman state?

[25] Serbian state of first uprising?

[26] Formation of the authorities in the country of the First Uprising?

[27] The Constitutional Question – the supreme power struggle?

[28] The period of the vassal state?

[29] Dual-power time?

[30] Acquisition of Autonomy – Haticherphy from 1830 and 1833

[31] The Srebrenica Constitution?

[32] Turkish Constitution?

[33] Constitutional regime?

[34] Serbian Civil Code?

[35] The second reign of Miloš and Mihail Obrenović?

[36] Constitutional Laws of Mihailo Obrenovic?

[37] Dedicated Constitution?

[38] Eastern Crisis – Serbian-Turkish Wars?

[39] Serbian-Turkish wars 1876 – 1878?

[40] Berlin Congress?

[41] Constitution of 1888?

[42] The Constitution of 1901?

[43] Constitution of 1903?

[44] Political parties after 1903?

[45] Balkan wars and territorial expansion of Serbia?

[46] The position of Montenegro under Turkish rule?

[47] Construction of the Montenegrin state?

[48] Principality of Montenegro?

[49] The rule of Prince Nikola Petrovic?

[50] Adoption of the General Property Code for Montenegro?

[51] Constitution of Montenegro from 1905?

[52] Bosnia and Herzegovina from XV to 1918?

[53] Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitution and the Constitution of 1910?

[54] First World War and Creation of a Common State 1914-1918?

[55] Serbia and Yugoslav unification?

[56] Corfu Conference?

[57] The currents of Yugoslav unification?

[58] Geneva Conference?

[59] Attachment of Bačka, Banat, Baranja and Srijem to Serbia?

[60] Engagement of Montenegro to Serbia?

[61] The final phase of Yugoslav unification?

[62] Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (Constitution of the new state)?

[63] Vidovdan Constitution?

[64] Political parties in the Kingdom of SHS?

[65] Six-hundredth dictatorship?

[66] The Constitution of 1931?

[67] War and occupation of the state?

[68] Building new authorities?

[69] Establishment of the Anti-Fascist Council of People’s Liberation of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ)?

[70] Second session of AVNOJ?

[71] Constitution of federal Serbia?

[72] Third session of AVNOJ?

[73] Becoming autonomous units?

[74] Constitutional Organization of the State and the Constitution of 1946?

[75] Legal system of the new state?