Exam questions

[1] The notion of inheritance law?

[2] The principles of inheritance law?

[3] Presumptions for inheritance?

[4] The right to represent?

[5] Right to increment?

[6] The first legal inheritance order?

[7] Increasing hereditary part of children?

[8] Increasing the hereditary part of a spouse?

[9] Another legitimate order?

[10] Increasing the hereditary part of a spouse?

[11] Increasing hereditary part of parents?

[12] The third legal hereditary order?

[13] The fourth legal hereditary order?

[14] Other legal heirs?

[15] Necessary heirs and the necessary part?

[16] The necessary hereditary part?

[17] Estimated value of the residue?

[18] Exclusion of the necessary heirs?

[19] The consequences of the exclusion?

[20] Deprivation of the necessary hereditary part?

[21] The consequences of the deprivation?

[22] The notion of the will?

[23] The hereditary concept of the will?

[24] Testament in formal and material sense?

[25] Testament in a subjective and objective sense?

[26] The characteristics of the will as a legal transaction?

[27] Ability to test?

[28] Revocation of the will?

[29] Regular testament?

[30] Privileged testament?

[31] Setting up an heir?

[32] Installation under substitution?

[33] Setting the successor on a condition or deadline?

[34] Legacy?

[35] Order (modus)?

[36] The enforcer of the will?

[37] Contract on the transfer of assets for life?

[38] Contract of lifelong support?

[39] The procedure for the adjudication of the remains (Ostavinski postupak)?

[40] Principles of the Resurrection Procedure?

[41] Forms of decisions?

[42] Regular remedies (appeal and objection)?

[43] Extraordinary Remedies (Revision)?

[44] Death?

[45] The enforcer of the will?

[46] Types of Final Decisions?

[47] Contents of the inheritance solution?

[48] ​​Special solution to the legacy?

[49] A partial inheritance solution?

[50] The validity of the solution?

[51] An inheritance lawsuit?