Exam questions


[1] The notion and subject of family law?

[2] Family law features?

[3] Family law sources?

[4] Family law principles?

[5] The term and subject of marriage law?

[6] Sources of Marriage Law?

[7] P rinciples of Marriage law?

[8] The legal nature of marriage?

[9] Legal definition of marriage?

[10] Conditions for Marriage?

[11] Non-existent marriage?

[12] Conditions for the validity of marriage?

[13] The Business Ability or Inability to Think as a Brain Barred?

[14] Relativity as a marital disorder?

[15] Males as a marital interference?

[16] Lack of will as a marital disorder?

[17] The marriage procedure?

[18] Indicate the differences between non-existent and null and void marriage?

[19] The rights and duties that marital partners can not communicate?

[20] The rights and duties that marital partners can communicate?

[21] Marital reunion?

[22] Special property?

[23] Contract Property Regime?

[24] Contract on a gift of spouses?

[25] Responsibility of spouses for obligations towards third parties?

[26] The subject matter and legal nature of the marital contract?

[27] Termination of marriage?

[28] The termination of marriage by the death of a missing spouse?

[29] The concept of divorce?

[30] Basic marriage divorce systems in contemporary legislation?

[31] Classification of Brain Disease Causes?

[32] Divorce under family law FB&H?

[33] Compatible divorce?

[34] Intermediation?

[35] Divorce Procedure?

[36] Maintenance obligation and its characteristics?

[37] Conditions for exercising the right to support?

[38] Determination of support?

[39] Cessation of support?

[40] Extramarital community in family law in the FB&H?

[41] Supporting outsiders?

[42] Property relations of extra-marital partners?

[43] Concept and forms of violence?

[44] Protection against violence?



[45] The concept and subject of parental rights?

[46] Sources of parental rights?

[47] Principles of parental rights?

[48] ​​Marital status of a child?

[49] Extra-marital status of a child?

[50] Recognition of extramarital paternity and maternity?

[51] Trial determination of the child’s origin?

[52] Claiming paternity and maternity?

[53] Medically assisted fertilization?

[54] Evidence (medical expertise)?

[55] The concept of adoption?

[56] Common assumptions for both forms of adoption?

[57] Prerequisites for the establishment of full adoption?

[58] Prerequisites for establishing incomplete adoption?

[59] Competence and procedure for the establishment of adoption?

[60] Consequences of adoption?

[61] Termination of adoption?

[62] The rights and duties of a child?

[63] Duties and rights of the parent to the child’s personality?

[64] Duties and Rights of Parents by Child Property?

[65] Achieving parental care (in common and individually)?

[66] Measures to protect the child’s personal rights (all four measures)?

[67] Measures to protect the child’s property rights (all three measures)?

[68] Termination of parental care?

[69] Concept and subject of guardianship law?

[70] The concept of the Guardian?

[72] Types of Guardian?

[73] Duties of the Guardian?

[74] Rights of the Guardian?

[75] Responsibility of the Guardian?

[76] Termination of the duty of the Guardian?

[77] Guardianship of Juvenile Persons?

[78] Guardianship of persons who have been confiscated or confined of working ability?

[79] Guardianship for Special Cases?