Exam questions

[1] The notion of ethics?

[2] Standards of ethics?

[3] Ethical theories?

[4] Ethical decision making?

[5] Ethics in decision making?

[6] The notion of business ethics?

[7] Historical development of business ethics?

[8] The benefits of applying business ethics?

[9] Business ethics and social responsibility?

[10] Institutionalization of business ethics?

[11] Globalization of business ethics?

[12] Factors in decision making?

[13] Managing business ethics in a global environment?

[14] Application of business ethics?

[15] Models in addressing ethical uncertainties?

[16] Leadership and business ethics?

[17] Ethnocentrism, prejudice and stereotypes?

[18] Organizational culture and business ethics?

[19] The notion of business success?

[20] The cultural aspect of globalization?

[21] Global standards of ethical conduct?

[22] Ponzi scheme?

[23] Social responsibility and ethical business?

[24] Measuring business performance?

[25] Ethics and Compliance Program?

[26] Business Excellence Model?

[27] Implementing an ethics and compliance program?

[28] Managerial compass for decision making?

[29] Quick test for decision making?

[30] Leadership and the role of leadership?

[31] Leadership styles and types?

[32] Organizational culture and climate?

[33] Authentic leadership?

[34] Basic features of organizational culture?

[35] Defining the concept of business performance?

[36] Assessing ethics in decision making?

[37] Code of Ethics?

[38] Ethics Commissioner?

[39] Ethics and Compliance Committees?

[40] Checking the ethics of job candidates?

[41] Lines for resolving ethical issues and reporting unethical actions?

[42] Ethical education and training programs?

[43] Communicating ethical values ​​within the company?

[44] Integrating ethical criteria into organizational culture?

[45] Ethical ambassadors?

[46] Motivation and reward policy?

[47] Monitoring, control and audit of the implementation of ethics and compliance programs?

[48] ​​Leadership commitment to the ethics and compliance program?

[49] Ethics and compliance risk assessments?

[50] Reporting on ethics and compliance programs?