At the Faculty of Law in Lukavica, the Clinic of law started working. In the work of clinic, students of higher education, teachers and external associates (lawyers, prosecutors and judges, employees of social work centers…) were engaged. Depending on students’ interest, the clinic deals with different areas of law.

Clinical education enables students to acquire additional training in order to acquire practical skills necessary for dealing with a future profession. Students are given the opportunity to apply the law to concrete situations, and they do it aware of their responsibilities to clients.

The aim is to provide free legal aid and support for certain vulnerable categories of citizens, who are often unaware of their rights by law: the poor, victims of domestic violence …

The training of students in the Clinic of law has three phases and lasts two semesters.

In the first, students should master the skills of conducting interviews and consulting with clients as well as getting acquainted with legal ethics.

The second phase consists in educating students in the field of law by choosing students (bond, criminal, civil, hereditary, family, economic … right). Also, students are also trained in writing specific legal submissions (lawsuits, complaints …).

The third phase is working with real clients at the Clinic’s premises at the faculty.

The idea is that from the following school year the clinical education of students becomes an integral part of the work plans on some of the subjects of basic academic studies.