Exam questions

[1] The development of the science of speaking?

[2] Ancient Greece cradle of rhetoric?

[3] Greek rhetoric philosophers?

[4] The most important and best known Greek rhetorics?

[5] Substantial differences and similarities between rhetoric and speech?

[6] The most important terms related to rhetoric?

[7] Which sciences directly and indirectly deal with rhetoric and speech?

[8] Why Rhetoric is Needed at Law Faculties?

[9] Interaction as a skill and art?

[10] Types of interaction?

[11] Types of speaking?

[12] Demagogy and interaction?

[13] Speech of the mantra?

[14] Roman tradition of interaction?

[15] Coton older?

[16] Brothers Grah, Tiberius Gai et al.?

[17] Cicerone?

[18] Middle Ages speech?

[19] Christian Church and speech?

[20] Religious sermons as a form of speech?

[21] Speech in the education system of Byzantium?

[22] New Age and Rhetoric (English, American, French, and Serbian Experiences)?

[23] Rhetoric in today’s weather?

[24] Necessary qualities for a good speaker?

[25] How to send the best messages through the speech?

[26] Audience and auditorium?

[27] Political rhetoric today?

[28] Types of political rhetoric?

[29] Media dimension of political speech?

[30] Judicial speech?

[31] Role of jury, judge and individual?

[32] Conveniently speech-significance and need for it?

[33] Types of conveniently speeches?

[34] Rhetoric in written and electronic form?

[35] Put a familiar speech in a concise form?

[36] Prepare a short speech from any area?