Exam questions

[1] Legal sciences and their division?

[2] Character Introduction to law and its relation to other legal disciplines?

[3] Development of the introduction into law?

[4] The subject of the introduction into law?

[5] The term method?

[6] Types of methods of the introduction into law?

[7] Evolution?

[8] Revolution?

[9] Civil disobedience?

[10] The State’s impact on Law?

[11] The Law’a impact on the State?

[12] The Principle of Hierarchy in the State and Law?

[13] The understanding of the emergence and development of the state?

[14] Functions of the state?

[15] The state as a social community?

[16] The concept of the state?

[17] Territory as an element of the state?

[18] Population as an element of the state?

[19] Authority as an element of the state?

[20] Theoretical understanding of sovereignty?

[21] National, national and national sovereignty?

[22] The concept of a state organization?

[23] Elements and features of a state body?

[24] The concept of state authority?

[25] Elements and features of a state body?

[26] Types of state authority?

[27] Concept and types of state forms?

[28] Form of government?

[29] Monarchy?

[30] Republic?

[31] Form of political order?

[32] Democracy?

[33] Autocracy?

[34] Form of state order?

[35] Centralization and decentralization?

[36] Unitary state?

[37] Complex country?

[38] Form of state power?

[39] The principle of the division of power?

[40] The principle of the unity of power?

[41] Presidential system of government?

[42] Parliamentary system of government?

[43] A mixed government system?

[44] Assembly (Conventional) system of government?

[45] Police and the rule of law?

[46] Problems in Defining Rights?

[47] Law as a norm and law as a fact?

[48] ​​Right as a linguistic process?

[49] Right as Value?

[50] General concept of law?

[51] The notion of social norm?

[52] Norma and social reality?

[53] Technical standards?

[54] Division of social norms by sanction?

[55] Usage?

[56] Moral?

[57] Standards of social organizations?

[58] The difference between moral and legal norms?

[59] The notion of legal norms?

[60] Elements of the legal norm?

[61] Assumption (hypothesis) of disposition?

[62] The concept of disposition?

[63] Types of Disposition?

[64] Assumption (hypothesis) of sanctions?

[65] The notion of sanction?

[66] Types of sanctions?

[67] Types of legal norms?

[68] Hierarchy of legal norms?

[69] Material sources of law?

[70] Formal sources of law?

[71] Types of formal sources of law?

[72] The notion of a legal act?

[73] Psychic act and its materialization?

[74] Form (s) of the legal act?

[75] Content (matter) of the legal act?

[76] Adoption of a legal act?

[77] Types of legal acts?

[78] Constitution?

[79] Law?

[80] Code (codex) and codification?

[81] Other general acts of a legislative body?

[82] Regulation?

[83] Statute and other general acts of municipalities?

[84] General acts of social organizations?

[85] Contracts?

[86] Individual legal acts?

[87] Administrative act?

[88] Judicial act?

[89] Legal business?

[90] The notion of legal relationship?

[91] Elements of legal relationship?

[92] Subject of rights, concepts and types?

[93] Physical face?

[94] Legal Person?

[95] Representative?

[96] Legal authorization?

[97] Subject Law?

[98] Jurisdiction?

[99] Legal obligation?

[100] Law of the law?

[101] Legal status (status, situation)?

[102] Creation, modification and termination of legal relations?

[103] Legal fact?

[104] Obsession and hold?

[105] Concept and significance of the application of the law?

[106] Positive Law?

[107] Validity of the law?

[108] Personal validity of the law?

[109] Territorial validity of the law?

[110] Time validity of law?

[111] Retroactivity?

[112] Not knowing the legal norm?

[113] The process of applying the legal norm?

[114] Evidence, assumptions and fiction?

[115] The notion and character of legality?

[116] Legal force of the legal act?

[117] Legal remedies?

[118] Sanctions for illegal acts?

[119] Correction and enforceability?

[120] The notion, object and significance of the interpretation of the law?

[121] Types of Interpreters?

[122] Interpretation of state authorities?

[123] Interpretation of Non-State Entities?

[124] Means of interpretation of the law?

[125] Language Interpretation?

[126] Extensive and restrictive interpretation?

[127] Free and binding interpretation?

[128] Subjective and objective interpretation?

[129] Static and Evolutionist Interpretation?

[130] Logical interpretation?

[131] Analogy?

[132] Argumentum a contrario (The reason for the opposite)?

[133] Argumentum a maiori ad minus (Conclusion from minor to larger)?

[134] Argumentum a minori ad maius (Conclusion from a larger scale)?

[135] A narrow interpretation of the exceptions (Exceptiones non sunt extendae)?

[136] System Interpretation?

[137] Historical interpretation?

[138] Target Interpretation?

[139] The notion and character of the law system?

[140] Parts of the law system?

[141] Legal institution?

[142] Legal branch?

[143] Legal area?

[144] The notion and characteristics of large legal systems?

[145] Classification of large legal systems?

[146] Different Views of Law?

[147] Antique views on the law?

[148] Medieval Theory of Law?

[149] The New Age Theory of Law?

[150] Natural-law theory?

[151] History Law School?

[152] Psychological Theory?

[153] Sociological Theories?

[154] Dogmatical-normative theories?

[155] Radbruch’s legal theory?

[156] Legal factism?

[157] An Integral Theory of Law?

[158] The difference between natural and positive law?