Exam questions

[1] Features of the Greek-Roman-German system of law?

[2] Constitution of new states and dusk of the idea of ​​law?

[3] Transforming and strengthening the idea of ​​law?

[4] Impact of the Natural Law School on shaping the European-Continental Law System?

[5] Renaissance and reception of Roman law?

[6] Making and Characteristics of Public Law?

[7] Codification?

[8] French Civil Code?

[9] German Civil Code?

[10] Swiss Civil Code?

[11] Legal norm and legal style?

[12] Public and private law?

[13] Material and formal law?

[14] Constitution of France?

[15] Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany?

[16] Constitution of Norway?

[17] International treaties as a source of law?

[18] International treaties in the French constitutional system?

[19] International agreements in the German constitutional system?

[20] International agreements in the Norwegian constitutional system?

[21] Judicial practice as a source of law?

[22] Autonomous (non-state) sources of law?

[23] The development of English law?

[24] Courts in England?

[25] Common Law, Equity, and Statute Law?

[26] Subsant Law and Adjective Law?

[27] Public and private law?

[28] Sources of English law?

[29] The Constitution of England as a legal source?

[30] The emergence and development of US law?

[31] Written sources of American law?

[32] The US Constitution as a legal source?

[33] Judiciary and judicial precedent in American law?

[34] Origin and features of European Union law?

[35] Chinese law?

[36] The law of Japan?

[37] Islamic law?

[38] Sharia Law in Contemporary Islamic States?

[39] Hindu law and the law of India?

[40] Jewish law and the law of the state of Israel?