The mission

The Faculty of Law of PIM University in Lukavica, as a high education institution specializing in the study and improvement of legal science and legal practice, provides the highest standards in high education, promotes intellectual and personal development, conducts relevant research and provides services for the environment.

The vision

The Faculty of Law of the PIM University in Lukavica is dedicated to the goal of becoming a regional leader in high education through the implementation of contemporary study programs. The aspiration for a leading position in the region, the Law Faculty of the PIM University in Lukavica, is justified by the manifestation of quality and modern educational programs, by encouraging diversity and by involving the community in the activities of the faculty. Extraordinary conditions for acquiring adequate knowledge and skills, students of the Faculty of Law of the PIM University in Lukavica will enable competitiveness in employment. The Faculty of Law in Lukavica, through the selection of teachers, continuous education of employees and the quality control system, will ensure that students are always at the forefront.