The first reason: A real key for a successful career

We live in a dynamic time in which extremely rapid changes in the environment are constantly demanding new profiles and experts who could, with their knowledge and skills, respond to these needs.


The second reason: Cooperation between teachers and students

Working in small groups ensures the direct commitment of teachers and assistants to each individual. Thanks to the case-study and role-play methods, it is easier to acquire the necessary quantum of knowledge and routine in the practical application of knowledge.


The third reason: Student at the center of attention

We are well acquainted with each student and, regardless of the individual differences between students, the way of learning ensures that the vast majority is successful. With the hard work we managed to achieve a high degree of student transitions, not denying the quality of knowledge.


The fourth reason: Modern study programs

In cooperation with recognized partners from the country and the region, we continuously develop and improve the study programs, making them up-to-date according to the needs of the society and the economy.


The fifth reason: International certificates

We give students the opportunity to acquire several certificates acquired in the country and abroad during the studies, and further testify about their expertise in the field of study.


The sixth reason: Scholarships for the best

Each year scholarships for the entire study were awarded from the Scholarship Fund. In addition, the best student per year is free from tuition fees in the next year of study.


The seventh reason: Practice as “mother of knowledge”

Practice that takes place through all years of study (informative, professional and specialist) allows you to practice acquired knowledge even during the course of study, which means that you can not get into the situation of completing the college and you have to learn how to acquire the acquired knowledge practically and apply .


The eight reason: Faculty of Public Accountability

Because the vision of the faculty is focused on the student. The conditions in which students work, further motivates them to achieve personal maximums: from equipment, extracurricular activities, to free literature.


The ninth reason: Extremely high probability of employment

The level of our graduated students exceeds 80%. The reason for this has already been gained by the employers’ confidence in the strength of the diploma that students are wearing, based on past experiences with previous generations of successful graduates. The probability that you will be employed after completing your studies is extremely high.


The tenth reason: The most favorable tuition fee

The tuition fee at the Law Faculty in Lukavica is 2.600,00 BAM, with the possibility of payment for 10-12 installments. The cost of tuition includes the cost of all forms of teaching (lectures, exercises, consultations, mentoring), all administrative expenses (enrollment, various certificates and certificates, exam reports during the studies, final work, diploma), as well as textbooks for all subjects completed according to Bologna standards. Extension of education for any reason does not imply payment of the restoration of the year.