Exam questions

[1] Means of proof?

[2] Unauthorized evidence?

[3] The notion of proving actions?

[4] Procedural principles relating to evidentiary actions?

[5] Obtaining and evaluating statements?

[6] Admissible questions?

[7] Suggestive questions?

[8] The concept of hearing witnesses, preparation and planning of hearings?

[9] Stages of witness examination?

[10] Examination of well-intentioned and ill-intentioned witnesses?

[11] Hearing of the injured party?

[12] Hearing of children and minors?

[13] Examination of old witnesses?

[14] Rights and duties of witnesses?

[15] Assessment of the probative value of the testimony of a witness?

[16] Protected witness?

[17] The concept of hearing the defendant, preparation and planning of the hearing?

[18] Stages of hearing the defendant?

[19] The lie of the accused?

[20] The symptomatic picture during the hearing?

[21] Silence of the accused (suspect)?

[22] Denial of the accused (suspect)?

[23] Confession of the accused?

[24] Tactical ways of obtaining confession?

[25] Recording of testimony?

[26] Confrontation?

[27] Presentation for recognition?

[28] The concept and legal regulation of searches?

[29] Planning and preparing a search?

[30] Search tactics and technique?

[31] Temporary confiscation of objects and property?

[32] Investigation (concept, goals, time of execution, subjects, conditions, security of the scene)?

[33] Stages of investigation?

[34] Record of the investigation?

[35] Detection of fictitious criminal acts during the investigation?

[36] Evidential value of the investigation?

[37] Reconstruction and experiment?

[38] Expertise?

[39] Documents?

[40] Special investigative actions?