Exam questions


[1] The concept, subject and division of the criminal procedural law?

[2] Sources of the criminal procedural law?

[3] Validity of the criminal procedural law (temporal, spatial, in terms of persons and objects)

[4] The concept and types of process subjects?

[5] Basic procedural principles about procedural subjects?

[6] The concept and types of criminal courts?

[7] Independence of the court and judges?

[8] Number composition of the court?

[9] The subjective ability of a judge?

[10] The specific ability of the judge?

[11] Actual jurisdiction of criminal courts?

[12] Territorial jurisdiction of criminal courts?

[13] Functional competence?

[14] Assessment and conflict of jurisdiction?

[15] The principle of contradiction?

[16] The principle ne bis in idem?

[17] Prosecutor (concept, functions, legal nature, rights, duties)?

[18] Organization of the Prosecutor’s Office in BiH (internal and external)

[19] Principles relating to criminal proceedings?

[20] Suspect, i.e. accused (term, rights and duties)?

[21] The right to a fair trial?

[22] The concept and types of defense of the suspect or accused?

[23] Formal defense of the suspect or accused (including the rights and duties of counsel)?

[24] Damaged as a subject of criminal proceedings?

[25] Representatives of litigants?

[26] Proxies of procedural subjects?

[27] The concept and types of cases of criminal proceedings (main and secondary case and connection of the case)

[28] Property claim?

[29] Previous / preliminary questions?

[30] Costs of criminal proceedings?

[31] Procedural actions (in general)?

[32] The principle of orality and literacy?

[33] The principle of publicity?

[34] The principle of immediacy?

[35] The principle of process economics?

[36] Form of procedural actions?

[37] Deadlines in criminal proceedings?

[38] Restoration?

[39] Recognition of faces and things?

[40] Confrontation?

[41] Subject of proof (facts that are (not) proven in the procedure)?

[42] Illegal evidence?

[43] Procedure with evidence?

[44] Principles relating to the evidentiary process (legal assessment of evidence, free judicial conviction, principle of truth and in dubio pro reo)?

[45] Search of the apartment, premises and persons?

[46] Temporary confiscation of objects and property?

[47] Examination of the suspect?

[48] Examination of witnesses (rights, duties, oath, incapacity and evaluation of witness statements)?

[49] Special rules on protected witnesses?

[50] Investigation and reconstruction?

[51] Expertise?

[52] Documents?

[53] Indications?

[54] Special investigative actions (concept, types, conditions for application, duration, use of evidence)?

[55] Measures to ensure the presence of the suspect or accused and the successful conduct of criminal proceedings?

[56] Calling?

[57] Bringing?

[58] Prohibition measures?

[59] Guarantee?

[60] Detention?

[61] The concept and types of court decisions?

[62] Types of judgments?


[63] Reporting a criminal offense?

[64] Conducting an investigation?

[65] Supervision of the prosecutor over the work of authorized officials and actions taken by an authorized official?

[66] Examination, autopsy and exhumation?

[67] Completion of the investigation?

[68] The concept and content of the indictment?

[69] The court’s handling of the indictment?

[70] Filing a new or amended indictment?

[71] The Accused’s Statement in Relation to the Prosecution?

[72] Plea statement, plea bargaining and court decision?

[73] Main trial (concept, preconditions for maintenance, management and flow)?

[74] Amendment of the indictment at the main trial?

[75] Closing remarks?

[76] Postponement and adjournment of the main trial?

[77] Maintaining order at the main trial?

[78] Passing and publishing a verdict?

[79] The concept and types of remedies?

[80] The effect of a remedy?

[81] Appeal against the judgment of the first instance court (concept and grounds)?

[82] Appeal proceedings before a court of first instance?

[83] Appeal proceedings before a court of second instance?

[84] Appeal against the judgment of the second instance court?

[85] Appeal against the decision?

[86] Repetition of criminal proceedings?

[87] Request for protection of legality?

[88] Legality and enforceability of court decisions?


[89] Procedure for issuing a criminal warrant?

[90] Basic characteristics of proceedings against minors and stages of proceedings?

[91] Proceedings against legal entities?

[92] Imposition of a court reprimand?


[93] The concept and types (only division) of special non-criminal proceedings?