Objectives of the course

Introducing students with a large number of human rights, their respect, and abuse of rights.

CodeSubject statusSemesterClassesECTS
P-MPL Chosen X 2+2 5

Acquired knowledge

Monitoring the evolution of international human rights and protection systems, with the task of introducing students to all material and procedural fines of this, politically most delicate area of international law.

Content of the subject

The notion and classification of human rights. Human rights in the legal order. Implementation of human rights. The general principles of the enjoyment of human rights. Human rights and international organizations. International monitoring of human rights. Regional mechanism for monitoring the respect of human rights. Standards of normative protection of civil and political rights. Standards of normative protection of economic, social and cultural rights. Protection of minorities. Protection of special groups: normative standards for the protection of children, women, refugees, stateless persons and mentally ill persons. Bioethics and international human rights law. The right to a healthy environment as international human right. The importance of respecting human rights. Protection of human rights in the business environment.

Teaching methods and material mastering

Lectures, interactive forms of teaching, case analysis, individual and group projects.

Forms of knowledge assessment

  • Test 1 (0-15 points)
  • Test 2 (0-15 points)
  • Final exam (0-50 points)
  • Research work (0-15 points)
  • Teaching activities (0-5 points)