Objectives of the course

To get students more familiar with a large number of contracts of merchandise with an element of foreign (international agreements), through which the realization of the turnover of goods and services on the market is carried out.

CodeSubject statusSemesterClassesECTS
P-MUP Chosen X 2+2 5

Acquired knowledge

Students should acquire deeper knowledge of contemporary international contract law, with particular emphasis on resolving conflicts in the whole field of this law.

Content of the subject

The notion and subject of international business relations. International business operation. International Purchase and Sale (General Notes). Conclusion and execution of contracts on the international purchase and sale of goods. Agreement on the International Purchase and Sale of Investment Equipment. Other contracts on international purchases and sales. International agreement on trade mediation and international agreement on commercial representation. International agreement on commission. International transport contracts. International freight forwarding and international transport insurance. International lending and securities. International license agreement, international KNOW-HOW contract. International franchising agreement, international factoring agreement. International leasing contract. International agreements on storage and international agreement on goods control.

Teaching methods and material mastering

Lectures, interactive forms of teaching, case analysis, individual and group projects.

Forms of knowledge assessment

  • Test 1 (0-15 points)
  • Test 2 (0-15 points)
  • Final exam (0-50 points)
  • Research work (0-15 points)
  • Teaching activities (0-5 points)