Exam questions

[1] Science, scientific method and scientific knowledge?

[2] Epistemological and ontological questions in methodology?

[3] Quantitative and qualitative approaches in the methodology of social sciences?

[4] Scientific knowledge and scientific explanation?

[5] Hypotheses, significance and role?

[6] Defining problems and setting hypotheses?

[7] Conceptual framework of research?

[8] Choice of research methods?

[9] Determining the analytical unit?

[10] Preparation of a research instrument?

[11] Data collection?

[12] Data analysis?

[13] Drawing conclusions and presenting research results?

[14] Establishing a conceptual framework and formulating scientific hypotheses?

[15] Theory?

[16] Research instruments?

[17] Indicators?

[18] Experiment?

[19] Survey research?

[20] Analysis of qualitative data?

[21] Variables?

[22] Form of distribution and confidence intervals?

[23] Confidence interval of the arithmetic mean?

[24] Usability of the confidence interval for percentage distribution?

[25] Z-statistics, Z-test and F-test?

[26] Correlation, linear and regression analysis?

[27] Binomial and multimonial logistic regression?

[28] Structural modeling?

[29] Assessment of the adaptation of regression models?

[30] Qualitative methods in the social sciences?

[31] Scientific observation?

[32] Hierarchical linear modeling?

[33] Heuristic aspects of a qualitative approach?

[34] Interview?

[35] Epistemological criteria in a qualitative approach?

[36] Acts and procedures of observation methods?

[37] Content analysis?

[38] Discourse analysis?

[39] Case study?

[40] Analysis of qualitative data?