Faculty’s scientific journal “Archive for Legal and Social Sciences” is published in 2019, ISSN 2637-2177 (Print); ISSN 2637-2193 (Online); UDK 34. Decision of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska no. 07.06 / 053- 14 / 2018-6, dated June 11, 2018, the journal “Archive for Legal and Social Sciences” was registered in the Register of Publications under serial number 689.

The journal publishes scientific articles, critical analyzes, comments on court decisions, contributions from international scientific life, book reviews, teachers’ and associates’ papers from the Faculty as well as prominent scientists from the country and abroad. The journal is published in Serbian, Latin, and the title of work, the title of the author, the institution in which he is employed, the summary and keyword articles are translated into English. Papers that are not in Serbian, shall be published in the original language in accordance with the spelling of that language, stating the contents and the summary of the article in Serbian or English.

The journal comes out once a year.

Papers that do not meet the basic criteria of the journal regarding the structure of work and the citation rules, will not be considered by the editorial board. If the manuscript meets the standards of the journal, it is referred to an anonymous review. Every paper is evaluated by at least two objective reviewers, selected from among the recognized experts from the narrower scientific field. By review, manuscripts are sent to authors with remarks and suggestions for remedying deficiencies. The corrected manuscripts should be returned to the editorial office within fifteen days from the date of receipt of the request for refinement and correction.

By submitting manuscripts for publication in the journal, the authors agree to set up their works on the website of the journal, or on the website of the Faculty of Law in Lukavica. Authors transfer to the magazine the right to publish the delivered texts and no part thereof can be reproduced without the written consent of the editor of the magazine. The journal reserves all other rights, unless otherwise agreed with the author.

The journal does not charge a fee for publishing the papers, reading and downloading them.