Exam questions

[1] Ideas for European integration projects?

[2] The emergence and development of European Communities to the establishment of the EU?

[3] Establishing the EU (goals, tasks, principles, newspapers)?

[4] Reform Contracts (Amsterdam, Nice, Lisbon)?

[5] Legal nature of the EU?

[6] The main EU authorities and the official languages in which they operate?

[7] European Parliament?

[8] The European Council?

[9] Ministerial Council?

[10] European Commission?

[11] European Central Bank?

[12] Court of Justice?

[13] General Court and Civil Service Tribunal?

[14] Types of jurisdiction of the EU?

[15] The principle of functioning of the EU?

[16] EU Primary Law?

[17] EU secondary law?

[18] EU membership (conditions and procedural phases)?

[19] Basic freedoms in the EU?

[20] The right of citizenship in the EU?

[21] Postulates of a single EU market?

[22] Council of Europe (establishment, basic mission and main bodies)?

[23] Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (process of creation, main bodies and specialized institutions)?

[24] European Free Trade Zone?