Exam questions

[1] The concept of labor law?

[2] Division of labor law sources?

[3] Sources of labor law of domestic origin?

[4] International labor law sources?

[5] The principles of labor law?

[6] General concept of employment?

[7] Conditions for employment?

[8] Form and content of work contract?

[9] Types and duration of work contracts?

[10] Conversion of fixed-term contracts into an indefinite time contract?

[11] Probation?

[12] The work of a probationer?

[13] Volunteer work?

[14] Supplementary work?

[15] Factual work?

[16] The concept and types of mobbing?

[17] Distribution of workers?

[18] Working hours (full, incomplete, shortened)?

[19] Night and overtime?

[20] The right of workers to vacations?

[21] The right of workers to absence?

[22] Standstill of labor rights and obligations?

[23] Work Safety?

[24] Salary of a employee?

[25] Payments charged to material business expenses?

[26] The responsibility of the employee?

[27] Hard and easy violations of work obligations?

[28] Procedures for the conduct of proceedings?

[29] Measures for violation of work obligations?

[30] Protection of workers’ rights?

[31] Termination of employment?

[32] Termination of employment by force of law?

[33] Cancellation of an employment contract by the employer?

[34] Cancellation of labor contracts by workers?

[35] Cancellation time and severity of severance pay?

[36] Definition and types of strikes?

[37] Strike in activities of special public and social interest?

[38] The division of social law?

[39] Social Risks and Social Welfare?

[40] Secured persons in health insurance?

[41] Health insurance rights?

[42] Getting out of state health care?

[43] Private health insurance?

[44] Pension service?

[45] Old-age pension?

[46] Pension in exceptional cases?

[47] Disability pension?

[48] ​​Family pension?

[49] Family pension in special cases?

[50] How to earn an internship?