Exam questions

[1] The concept of administration?

[2] Positive-Legal Concept of Administration?

[3] The term administration?

[4] Sources of Administrative Law?

[5] Administrative-legal relationship?

[6] The emergence and development of administrative law as a branch of law?

[7] European Union Governance Law?

[8] The relationship between administrative law and other branches of law?

[9] The Law of Administrative Law?

[10] The meaning, role and importance of the organization?

[11] The concept of an administrative organization?

[12] Basic organizational forms of state administration?

[13] Principles of organizing administration bodies?

[14] Political-executive administration bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

[15] Municipalities, municipal administration?

[16] Entities who can perform the work of an administrative body when it is entrusted to it by public law authorization?

[17] Internal organization of the administration body?

[18] Relationships in which the governing bodies are established?

[19] The working-legal position of the staff of the administration body?

[20] Funding for the work of administration bodies?

[21] Management of Administration Bodies?

[22] Principles for performing the tasks of the administration body?

[23] Legal Acts of Administration?

[24] The basic features of an administrative act?

[25] Types of administrative acts?

[26] Incorrect administrative acts?

[27] Administrative acts that are not administrative acts?

[28] Administrative supervision?

[29] Basics of Misdemeanor Rights?

[30] Doing the work of an administrative body in relation to the personal status of citizens?

[31] Governance restrictions on ownership?

[32] The work of the administrative bodies performed by enterprises (companies), institutions and other legal entities?

[33] Responsibility for damage arising from the functioning of the administration?

[34] Control of the functioning of the administration body?

[35] Subject and method of special administrative law?

[36] Organization and Functioning of Management by Individual Areas of Administration?

[37] The concept, purpose and importance of the administrative procedure?

[38] The concept of administrative matter?

[39] Development of administrative procedure?

[40] Types of administrative procedure?

[41] Basic principles of administrative procedure?

[42] Other principles of administrative procedure?

[43] The term, significance and types of competences?

[44] Prescribing, Limiting, Changing, and Conflict of Jurisdiction?

[45] Legal aid?

[46] Official person authorized to conduct administrative proceedings and to resolve administrative matters?

[47] Party in Administrative Procedure?

[48] ​​Representation of the party in the administrative procedure?

[49] Submissions in Administrative Procedure?

[50] Call, record and note?

[51] Watching the file and informing the course of the proceedings?

[52] Delivering and communicating?

[53] Deadlines in Administrative Procedure?

[54] Return to previous state (Restitutio in integrum)?

[55] Measures to maintain order in the proceedings and punishable by order of order in the proceedings?

[56] Costs of administrative proceedings?

[57] Launch of the first-instance administrative procedure and the requests of the parties?

[58] Positive party actions during the proceedings?

[59] Procedure until decision-making – test procedure (shortened and special, oral debate and preliminary question)?

[60] Evidence and Provision of Evidence?

[61] Solution, Conclusion and Completion of Administrative Procedure?

[62] Legal resources in administrative proceedings – regular (appeals) and extraordinary (out-of-court) administrative

control of administration?

[63] The meaning, significance and types of legal remedies?

[64] Administrative procedure in the second instance – regular (appeal) administrative control of the administration ?

[65] Exercise, finality and validity of the administrative file?

[66] Extraordinary administrative control of management – extraordinary legal remedies in the administrative procedure

[67] Legal consequences of annulment and termination of the ruling?

[68] Administrative executive procedure (types, subjects, conclusion, method of execution, suspension, deferment)?

[69] Execution for Security (Insurance)?

[70] Temporary conclusion on securing?

[71] Execution of Conclusion and Settlement?

[72] Execution of fines?

[73] Applying disciplinary measures or arrest when the administrative procedure is run by institutions that have public authority?

[74] An appeal in the administrative execution procedure and other means of control?

[75] Aging of bodies of administration and institutions having public authority in the implementation of administrative law the procedure?

[76] General and special procedures for the adoption of individual acts in the area of ​​autonomous law and prescribing rules for their adoption?

[77] The emergence and development of judicial control of the administration?

[78] Types of legal systems of control, legality of the administrative acts?

[79] Administrative dispute in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

[80] The concept of administrative dispute and forms of judicial control of administrative work?

[81] Types of administrative disputes?

[82] Administrative dispute in the formal and material sense?

[83] Subject of administrative dispute and its characteristics

[84] Administrative acts against which an administrative dispute can not be conducted?

[85] The court that solves the administrative dispute?

[86] Starting an administrative dispute?

[87] Claims procedure – administrative-court proceedings?

[88] Administrative dispute in case of government silence?

[89] Legal resources in administrative-court proceedings?

[90] Obligation and execution of final court judgments from administrative disputes?

[91] Administrative-judicial protection of freedom and rights guaranteed by constitution?

[92] Misdemeanor procedure (organs, jurisdiction, measures, actions, initiation, course of misdemeanor proceedings and decision on misdemeanor)?

[93] Legal remedies in misdemeanor proceedings?

[94] Execution of the decision in the misdemeanor procedure?