Objectives of the course

The aim of this course is to introduce students to existing legal systems in the world and to provide them with knowledge of the plurality of legal systems. In this way, students gain knowledge about the location of their own legal system in this broadest context, as well as about similarities and differences and the interaction of each other.

CodeSubject statusSemesterClassesECTS
P-VPS Compulsory II 4+2 10

Acquired knowledge

The course should provide students with practical knowledge for contacts with different cultures and legal systems.

Content of the subject

The impact of the comparative right to codification and equality of rights. The most important codifcations with the far-reaching consequences of the old middle and new age. Legal circles in the world. Romanian legal circle. German legal circle. Nordic legal circle. Legal Circuit of the Common Low. Islamic law. Hindu law. Chinese law. Law of Japan. Jewish law.

Teaching methods and material mastering

Lectures, exercises, consultations, written examinations (colloquiums) individual student work (seminar and homework, papers, etc.), as well as group participation of students in the study of certain thematic units.

Forms of knowledge assessment

  • Test 1 (0-15 points)
  • Test 2 (0-15 points)
  • Final exam (0-50 points)
  • Seminar(s) (0-10 points)
  • Teaching activities (0-10 points)